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Hi, I'm Caroline Domanska

I'm the cheerleader of your hidden strengths and the taskmaster to your change.  I work with small business owners who are super smart at what they do, but feel their money stuff is eluding them.

With over 23 years experience in personal finance & sales, I have created multiple income streams by following my 5 minute a day tool.  My geeky side sees me consuming all I can, on how to use your mindset to be more profitable in life and business.

To get the life you want, I believe that money & income requires a two pronged approach; taking daily practical actions alongside boosting the often missed piece of the jigsaw, your mindset.

This is the secret sauce that creates your upgraded life, your up-levelled income and your money confidence.


Don't spend next month feeling dis-illusioned.

Let me support you in creating your stable and smooth income flow today.


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