How To Set Your Prices & Talk About Money With Confidence

Englefield Green, Surrey


Join Me & Take The 5 Step Process To Setting Prices & Talking Money With Confidence

Discover How To

Be confident EVERYTIME the Money conversation comes up so that you can help more people.

Discover How To

Know what to charge so that it's the right price for you AND the right price for your potential client so you can secure more business.

Discover How To

Feel confident having premium offering whilst still being able to help everyone you want to and make more money.

I'm Caroline Domanska, Money Mindset Coach & Income Strategist

I'll be leading this 2 hour interactive workshop to move you from stomach lurching to smooth sailing when it comes to talk money in your business.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Know you are leaving money on the table by losing the client at the money stage or discounting so much it's hardly worth your while.
  • Know that you could be helping more people with what you do if only the money conversation ran smoothly
  • Constantly find yourself changing your pricing depending on who is standing in front of you
  • Feel like you are in a race to the bottom
  • Would love to charge premium pricing but don't want to exclude people from your services either

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