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with Pocket Money

Addlestone, Surrey


Join Us & Discover How Pocket Money Can Be A Wonderful Learning Tool

Know With Confidence

When to give pocket money, how much, for what and how to manage it so that you can be consistent and everyone's happier.

Discover How To

Move away from the battles, stress and confusion that lack of independence around money & moving goal posts on pocket money can cause.


How your money story impacts the future financial independence of your child (you want to be sure there is nothing tripping you up on this one!)

A unique opportunity, to join two inspiring mentors for an intimate workshop where we share with you the toolkit to making pocket money the empowering tool it can be.

I'm Louise Hoffmann Brooks, Parenting Success Coach

I'll be leading this 2 hour interactive workshop to move you from stress and worry to having a structure for success with pocket money.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Have children that you already give pocket money too but it's a source of stress and confusion.
  • Are thinking about starting pocket money and want to do it in a way the fuels your child's learning and future financial independence.
Originally from Denmark, Louise lives in Surrey with her English husband, Dean and their two children, Freja 5, and Miller 2 ½ who she raises bilingually. Louise holds a BSc Psychology degree from University of Westminster, London and is a fully qualified Life and Business coach from a leading Danish coaching institute. Besides having worked on a consultancy basis with children with a diagnosis of Autism, Louise has recently completed a foundation course in counselling and psychotherapy. 

I'm Caroline Domanska, Money Mindset Coach

We all carry our own baggage around money.  We’ve all picked up on stories over time that form our insider rules and vulnerable feelings around money, some of which we may not even be aware of.

Wouldn’t it be essential to be aware of what you may be passing on to your kids – good or bad?

I'll be helping you raise your awareness of your money story and providing your some effective tools to make changes for you and your children's financial success. 

Caroline is a qualified Personal & Business Coach (PGCert) with over 20 year background in Personal Finance.  Her first memorable money story involved pocket money and she's had a love of piggy banks from a young age! Since the birth of her first child, Karah, she has taken a keen interest in parenting issues.

This workshop is for you

(and your kids!)

  • Even if you have been "trying" pocket money for a while
  • Even if your children are still small - I have a 2 year old and I'm watchful of the language and messages I'm giving around money
  • Even if you think this is a straightforward matter - there is some classic ways you could be tripping yourself up

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