How To Set Your Prices & Talk Money With  Confidence



Create Your Confident Pricing Structure To Bring in More Revenue, To Help More People & Feel Great About It!

Stop feeling icky, sleazy or slimy every time the price word is mentioned. Stop your heart racing at the thought of changing your prices. It's your time to stop short-changing yourself.

Get the 5 step counter-intuative method to establishing YOUR pricing

and talking money with confidence so that you can be calm and at ease in those conversations (even if right now you freak out!) and increase your revenue too.

Know what is holding you back from feeling good about your prices

I will show you how to clear those thoughts that are blocking you so that you can attract more clients, and help the people you want to, rather than worry about repelling them with your pricing.

Create your ideal pricing structure

Live, online, DONE.  A business model that is completely aligned to you and your values.  Create more revenue in your business.  Help more people.  No more feeling icky about what you charge.

With Me! Your Money Mindset Coach & Income Strategist Caroline Domanska

I've been talking money since 1994, running my own business since 2008 and one of the keys to my success has been the ability to stand behind my prices, and have THAT money conversation with confidence, so that I can help more people with what I know works, making them & I more successful too. I'd love to share the 5 step process with you.

Seriously, If you are struggling with talking money in your business, this is for you

I'm also going to provide for you:

*A  recording of the workshop for you to keep and watch back

*Workbook for you to get the most from the workshop so that you can implement your immediate shifts

*I'll also open up a pop-up What's App group for one week after the workshop so that you can get daily support from me to implement your confident pricing

There are limited spaces available.

Never done a virtual workshop?  This is how it works.

  • Register now for your place; I will take a maximum of 5 people.
  • You will then receive an email with all the details for the workshop
  • On the day you will sent a link to join via Zoom (free conference call software) & your workbook
  • You'll be in a virtual "chat room" where you can choose whether you want to take part in person on video, just on audio, or just by text.  You are in control.
  • I'll be running the training with various exercises to help you nail your confidence with pricing and talking money so that you can help more people and increase your revenue.
  • After the event you will be sent a recording  to watch again at your leisure.


Look Forward to Seeing You At The Online Workshop

How To Talk Money & Price Confidently So You Can Help More People & Make More Money


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