Practical & Emotional Pricing Strategies Workshop for Success in Your Business

Ewell, Surrey


Hi, We are Caroline & Christine. Your powerhouse behind confident pricing and your business success.

This interactive workshop will move you from stomach lurching to smooth sailing when it comes to talking money in your business.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Know in your heart you are giving away too much for too little
  • Wonder why you are doing all the logic things but still seem to be standing in your own way around money
  • Know that you could be helping more people with what you do if only the money conversation ran smoothly
  • Constantly find yourself changing your pricing depending on who is standing in front of you
  • Feel like you are in a race to the bottom
  • Would love to charge premium pricing but don't want to exclude people from your services either

Join Us For A Journey Along The 5 Step Practical & Emotional Process To Setting Prices & Talking Money With Confidence

This journey will:

Show you EXACTLY

How to be confident in EVERY Money conversation as you will have effective practical and emotional strategies so you can help more people and increase your revenue.

We Will Create

A clear practical pricing strategy, that feels aligned with you, so that you can end the confusion and know what to charge.  KNOW that it's the right price for you AND the right price for your potential client so that you can secure more business & feel great about doing so.

Together we will

Clear your mindset blocks (that you might not even know you have) to inviting more abundance in, saving you so much time & worry in your business, creating consistent income, allowing you to do the work that really transforms your clients.

"I recently went on Caroline's Money Mindset Pricing Workshop which I found of great benefit. I was going round in circles about what to charge for my different services but also how to not give in to the temptation to lower them when my prices were challenged. We went through a series of tasks and a mindset skill to feel good about the services and products we offered and how much value we were adding to our clients' business. The workshop certainly put things into perspective. Would recommend you check out Caroline's workshops and seminars, money well spent!"

Deborah Boyle
Web Doctor

"Caroline really knows what she is talking about and does actually know how to make money grow on trees! Seriously though, having a guided session focusing just on the money not only gave me new avenues to explore to streamline my revenue, but her insight triggered a spark inside me that is going to bring a new income stream. Awesome! Thanks so much Caroline - I thoroughly recommend her as a money coach to shift past those blocks."

Kate Latham
Personal Coach & Therapist

This Confident Pricing Workshop Works.....

  • Even if you are at the beginning of your business this is for you so that you can get the foundations right
  • Even if you think that the market in you are in cannot bear a different pricing structure - this counter-intuitive method of pricing handles this
  • Even if money is not the driver for you, this method will enable you to actually help more people with your gifts.
  • Even if the thought of discussing money feels so icky right now, we will clear the blocks around this and give you the tools for confidence.

We are Caroline Domanska & Christine Murray.

Caroline is a Money Mindset Coach & Income Strategist. With over 20 years experience in the personal and business finance world, as well as successfully growing two businesses she is well placed to help you navigate the practical strategies around pricing.   

Christine is Complementary Therapist and as a practitioner she take a holistic approach and works with clients to help them feel better in their body, mind and spirit, using a combination of techniques and therapies. 

We have both been in the place of giving away too much for too little, we know how frustrating that is and how it chips away at your confidence.  We  have found the solution to aligning your pricing and mindset to your values to create more abundance and are excited to share this with you.

When you want more abundance in your life your need the two sides of the coin, the practical and the mindset which this workshop will deliver.

A stunning venue for a powerful workshop

Join us at the beautiful Ewell Court House, in inspiring surroundings, for a productive day with a light lunch and refreshments included.   Starts at 10am and concludes at 3.30pm.


Your Business Investment

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Confident Pricing Workshop


Includes Workshop 10-3.30

Includes Lunch & Refreshments

Includes Workbook

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 1:1 30 Minute Laser Coaching Call with each coach (Value £100)


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