Are You Committing These Common Crimes Against Your Income?

Behind the scenes are you guilty of.....

  • Starting each month with your spirits high hoping this one will be better for your business, only for you to die a little inside with each passing day?
  • Just saying you'd like to earn more but being doubtful about what that really means 
  • Ignoring your numbers completely because it makes you feel incapable and it's just too scary 
  • Lurching from feast to famine with your income with ever increasing soul destroying regularity.
  • Having no stress inducing, eye-twitching idea if you will meet your income goals
  • Hoping for the best with no income forecast in mind as you can't bear to consider your numbers

How I nearly minced my fingers into a pie...

I was like a deranged butcher figuring out how much could I put into the sausage machine to get something out of the other end.... Just hoping that if I kept busy (like Mrs Lovett at the Pie Shop) I wouldn't become an awful fate....

This scatter gun, let's see what sticks approach was grinding me down.  Mentally and physically it wasn't going to be long before I turned into Sweeney Todd himself!

During the year of 2000, I qualified as a Financial Advisor - one large element of which; is being successful at sales. AND my first approach - stuffing the sausage machine so much that I wasn't surprised when it nearly took my fingers metaphroically with it.

For my own sanity and success a SERIOUS change was needed.

I tapped into my logical and methodical side; the side of me that loved numbers so I could get the insider scoop on my own business and that is when the magic started.

Starting with the end in mind, I worked it all back into a simple streamlined system and promptly moved into the TOP 100 of 900 advisors in my company.

I've continued with the same methodical system for years and without it:

  • I would not have achieved recognition within the top 10% of financial advisors within the company
  • I would not have attained 2nd place status globally across the company
  • I would not have been able to sell my portfolio to provide a passive income.

I know systemising your business is startlingly scary; I know looking at where you are currently is horror movie worthy frightening; I know you are breaking out just thinking about the numbers, but I also know you have hidden strengths that you can use to smooth your income flow, especially with a helping hand from me. 

It's the secret sauce that allows you to sell with ease and bring money in with grace.

Want a slice of my (finger free) pie?


Introducing Your Bespoke Smash Your Income Streams Session & Roadmap

The personalised 1:1 journey to working with your ideal paying client, mapping their journey and your income streams, so that you can smash your financial goals.


How the Smash Your Income Streams Roadmap creates consistent income flow in your business

Step One - Understand

Money & sales come easy when you are providing what your client really wants.

You are already the expert on your client's pain.  You just need these 3 mind opening techniques to know exactly what it is that your ideal clients are begging you to create.  

You will also discover the psychological difference between your ideal client and your ideal paying client so that you attract the right people to you.

Covered in our 2 hour 1:1 session and formulates part of your done for you roadmap document.

Step Two - The Journey

What path do you want to guide your client along?  Where does your genius blend with their needs?

Chances are your client is not ready to leap into the deep end of the pool yet but might well be happy to dip their toes with you.  Let's plan your offerings so that you can help your ideal client solve their pain step by step and so that you can create your consistent income.

Covered in our 2 hour 1:1 session and formulates part of your done for you roadmap document.

Step Three - The Numbers


I do the numbers for you!

Doing the numbers means working out your big income goal and working out where that will come from, along with identifying your important goal numbers.  I'll put these altogether into a handy roadmap that you can use to SMASH your income goals.

Know your numbers and the income will come.

Covered in our 2 hour 1:1 session and formulates part of your done for you roadmap document.

Included - Bonus Video

Revealing the 3 universal money mindset blocks & how to clear them. (You really want to be sure one of these isn't stopping your progress).

Income Smash Roadmap Will Give You:

  • 1 X 2 hour 1:1 Skype session with me.
  • A 30 minute follow up session over Skype
  • A complete roadmap to creating multiple income streams in your business so that you can smash your 2018 income goals which includes:
    • A reference sheet of what your ideal client is needing.  This will assure that you are not sausage machine selling and you are simply providing the aligned solution to your clients pain.  
    • A roadmap of your clients journey so you know where they are going and how they will get there.  This means they get optimum results from the get go and you feel like you have served them in the best way possible.
    • Multiple different ways to create income streams at different points in their pathway so that your bank balance become consistently abundant.
    • A personalised roadmap with your key numbers - hit these and you WILL smash your income goal.
    • A detailed spreadsheet - (but if you have an intolerance to spreadsheets don't fear the roadmap covers all the essentials).


Ultimately you will have a complete action plan to creating your consistent income so that you can sell with ease and receive with grace.

Who am I and just why should you believe me?

I'm Caroline Domanska & I'm going to support you through the 3 step process of mapping & creating your income streams. 

I am the cheerleader to help you find your hidden strengths and the taskmaster to your change.

I have over 20 years experience working in global personal finance & sales.  I know the challenges of self employment having worked for myself for 10 years and starting two businesses from scratch, one of which I have sold that has created passive income streams.

As a mother of a whirlwind little girl, I know how important it is to have your business and income running with you rather than against you.

I couldn't have done all this though without working in line with my values and being focused on my numbers. (Scary as that can be!).  It's this combination of having a business aligned to your values whilst also knowing the nitty gritty that provides financial success.  And I want the same for you.


It's time to flick the switch and start creating consistent income with ease..

  • Even if you are feeling paralysed right now, my step by step process will empower you to have the tools to create consistent income.
  • Even if your brain is busier than a kids pool party on a hot summers day, then be delighted and breath easy as you will have a step by step roadmap to follow.
  • Even if you hate numbers to the point of them making you shudder or feel little bit sick that's OK.  You don't need to know ANY of the numbers in your business for me to map your income.
  • Even if you feel that self promotion and sales are dirty words (so much so that you don't care if that thought is holding you back)  that's OK, because everything we will design will be what your clients want and what you feel aligned to provide.
  • Even if you are thinking I don't know where or what to start with right now;

Here's how:

Map Your Income Streams & Smash Your Financial Goals

My 3 step system is scientific & abundant & you can use it even if you don't like numbers! Get ready for it to flick the switch in your business to money flow.



Your personalised 2 hour one to one session (plus 30 minute follow up) & done for you roadmap that takes you by the hand and maps your income streams to create the stability of consistent income in your business.

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  • What if the time is not right? Maybe you have some resistance to building your income - that's normal.  In fact take it as a big bright flashing light with an ear-piercing siren that you need this! I've included a bonus mindset video to help you clear your income blocks.
  • Remember life moves pretty fast, this is your chance to stop moving on the treadmill, look around for a moment and be strategic.

It's Your Time To Map Your Income Streams & Smash Your Financial Goals


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