Do you know statiscally which day of the week you are likely to make the most money?

(Hint: It needn't matter)

When you have in your out stretched hands the 3 part process to unlocking your mindset to achieving smooth , consistent and increased income in your business (without you having to rely on hope and luck).

Do you....

  • Start each month with your sprits high hoping this one will be better for your business, only for you to die a little inside with each passing day as it doesn't seem to be happening AGAIN?
  • Have a brain busting deluge of emails hit your inbox daily with new tactics and business ideas - none of which you can motivate yourself to do?
  • Want to start each day with ease and grace in your business rather than desperation?   Creating profit from your passions without even realising it because it feels so natural rather than icky, sleazy or slimy?
  • Dream of having a super smooth ride in your business finances but instead put up with lurching from feast to famine with ever increasing soul destroying regularity.

 It was the same for me.

The Doubt had crept in.

The Doubt that maybe I wasn't cut out for this self employment lark.

The Doubt that no-one else actually wanted to hear what I had to share.

The Doubt that this lull of business was a sign.  That I should be taking it as the death nell that always seemed just around the corner.

The Doubt seem to pervade my every cell somedays. Like smoke in a room it seeped everywhere.

I so wanted to have consistency in my income, to feel the spongy comfort of a financial buffer in my account, to move into the next month thinking and doing  exciting projects rather than being desperate to make a buck.

I remember the day it all changed.  it started with a groan as I realised I had committed to a "'working effectively" full day course

At least there might be decent cakes at the coffee break I thought.

BUT in fact that day changed my life forever.

Unbeknown to me the afternoon content was all about how our brain is wired.  I finally found out that I could change the way I think.

It wasn't just about doing all the logical stuff  (I was damn good at working hard at that!)

BUT about getting out of my own stubborn way - and getting that incessant chatterbox brain on my side.

I pac-man hungry, consumed all I could about neuroscience, abundance, money and mindset.

At first it seemed so overwhelming - how could I change the thoughts of a lifetime?

BUT I knew I had to do something differently, no matter how unsure it felt at first, for The Doubt was worse than The Fear of trying something new.

It took a good few months of trying different strategies and theories until THE ONE (Well a collection of THE ONE's that created my 3 step process) slotted into place.

I could have turned my back but once I'd creaked open my mindset with that iron bar I felt compelled to see what was really going on in there.

I discovered the income mindset sabotages that held me back from taking the next leap in my business.

Once I could see them coming I could steer my ship with the confidence of Johnny Depp and started a winning streak of 248 weeks of money arriving in my bank account. Every. Wonderful. Week.

I could feel the strength growing in my heart as I became uber-recommendable, approaching each day with a re-newed enthusiasm taking on 24 new clients in one month alone.

Clients felt safe in my optimism and my quiet surety of myself meant they felt confident to do business with me, so much so I become 2nd in the world for one of the companies I partnered with.

The thrill of taking on more opportunities because I had a powerful mindset that could utilise and grow them resulting in a business which I was able to sell in 2015 with multiple passive income streams remaining for me.

This has allowed me to concentrate solely on sharing my passion & results with you - practical income generation WITH that missing piece of the jigsaw - cracking your income mindset.

I look back at that day I took a sneak peek inside my brain....and I'm forever grateful I took that I took that training course.

Now it's your turn to feel the same success.

Introducing Clear Your Income Mindset Blocks

The course that gives you a guided 3 part process to get you out of your own way (even if you are not sure how you are doing that) so that you feel amazing, in ease and flow and create the consistent income (yes you can pay yourself a regular "salary") in your business that you want.


How clearing your income mindset blocks creates the flow of income you WANT in your business and life

In each section there is a guided exercise, with video's and PDF's for you to be able to access at your convenience. Here's how the 3 steps create your super smooth income flow.

Step One - Understand


I'll share with you the understanding from a science & abundance perspective why being the boss of your own mind will mean that you acheive (rather than hinder) your consistent business success.

It was this science & abundance that set me on the path of not just working hard but seeing consistent financial results in line with my values.


Step Two - Awareness

Let's firstly establish your true income motivation so that you jump out of bed each morning, hands waving, knowing you can succeed.

Then discover your capacity for income right now (even if that feels tough at the moment) and importantly we will work through a technique to change that to greater abundance and flow.

Regular income and being able to say yes to things in advance here we come!

Step Three - Clear

Discover how you are standing in your own way and sabotaging your income creation.  I want you to confidently be able take the wheel, making new inspiring pathways to your smooth as a baby's bottom income flow.

Then powerfully clear the blocks (that you might not even know about) that are holding you back so that you can create consistent stable income.

Lastly create both immediate and long lasting change in your income mindset so that income creation and receiving feels aligned, natural and flowing for you.

Plus The Bonus Video You Don't Won't To Miss

The 3 universal money blocks & how to clear them (How sure are you that one of these isn't stopping you?)

Who am I and why should you believe me?

I'm Caroline Domanska & I'm going to take you through the 3 step process of clearing your income mindset blocks using neuroscience and abundance practices.  

I am the cheerleader to help you find your hidden strengths, and the taskmaster to your change.

I've over 20 years experience working in international personal finance and sales.  I have worked for myself for nearly 10 years, starting two businesses from scratch, one of which I have built to huge success and sold which created along a number of passive income streams for me.

As a Mum of a whirlwind little girl I know how important it is to have your business and income running with you rather than against you.

I couldn't have done all this though without being compassionate to and then harnessing the power of my mindset.

If you are done with trying all the logical stuff you will find that your mindset is truely the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle to your success.

It's your time to flick the switch in your brain to creating consistent income with ease..

  • Even if you are feeling paralysed right now my step by step process will empowered you to have the capable mindset to create consistent income 
  • Even if your brain is busier than a kids pool party on a hot summers day then be delighted as with just 15 minutes a day you spark up new pathways in your brain with ease
  • Even if you have been thinking this way since the year dot.. you can create exciting new ways of thinking.
  • Even if you feel that self promotion and sales are dirty words (so much so that you don't care if that thought is holding you back)  you'll be liberated by clearing your income mindset blocks as it brings sales into your authenticity
  • Even if you are thinking I don't know where or what to start with right now...

Here's how...

Play Me: The 3 steps revealed


Get Started Clearing Your Income Mindset Blocks Now

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Clear Your Income Mindset Blocks

How will YOU get to consistent income in your business? I have the system that do just that. It's scientific & abundant. It will flick the switch in your brain to allow money in giving consistent income & you a beautiful flow.



 The 3 part (10 module) course that take you by the hand to clear the mindset blocks that are stopping you create consistent income in your business.



  • What happens after I buy? - At the checkout you will have created a password which will allow me to wave my magical digital wand and give you instant access to the entire course.  Start at the welcome module to get going immediatly.
  • Why can't I buy later? - I love creating new things and whilst income mindset blocks is a super important bang your head against a brick wall issue I can't guarantee it will be here when you look again.
  • What if the time is not right?  - Maybe you have some resistance to working on your mindset - that's normal.  In fact take it as a big bright flashing light with an ear-pierincg siren that you need this! We do an exercises within the modules on this resistance to help you move forward.
  • Remember life moves pretty fast, this is your chance to stop, look around for a moment and approach the way you think about income and money differently so that you can bring in the abundance you want in your life.

It's Your Time To Clear Your Income Mindset Blocks & Get Satisfying Results in Your Income


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